SnowPlow Sam (1)

October 19 -March 1, 2020 Monday 5:30-6:00pm
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Time & Location

Mondays only 5:30-6:00 pm
Union Arena, 80 Amsden Way, Woodstock, VT 05091, USA

About The Event

Learn to Skate USA ~ SnowPlow Sam 

Session I Fall 2020  October 19- December 

Session II Winter 2021 January 4 - March 1


Monday 5:30-6:00pm (30 minute group lesson)

Snowplow Sam group lessons are 30 minute. Skaters are assigned to groups based on ability and prior evaluations. A skater must master all skills on a given level before passing and moving onto the next level. 

Lesson Pricing 

Session I Fall Monday $150

Session II Winter Monday $ 135

Walk-on $ 20 

Preschool age 3+ skaters develop preliminary coordination and strength to move around on the ice. The introductory classes are divided into four progressive levels for kids with no prior skating experience to build confidence in skating and themselves. Fun and games make this positive experience for your kids enjoyable and memorable. Union Arena Skating Club follows the Learn To Skate USA SnowPlow Sam curriculum. After skaters are completed the four Snowplow Sam levels or entered Kindergarten they then enter the Learn To Skate USA Basic Skills program. 

ANNUAL SHOW- Details about show will come later. All our welcome in the show, tenatively will happen on the first weekend of March. 


Coaches will conduct evaluations during the last week of class in order to determine placement for the next session. If a skater is ready to advance before the given evaluation date, coaches will arrange to have an earlier evaluation. We ask families to support out coaches in the evaluation process and understand that we all learn and skate at our own pace. 


Please read Union Arena Skating Club’s full Policies found on our website. 

Helmets are required for all SnowPlow Sam skaters.

Skaters must have signed Waiver and Medical forms on file before stepping onto the ice. 

Skaters must follow all posted rules of Union Arena Skating Club and the rink. 

For all SnowPlow Sam skaters a parent, legal guardian, or other appointed adult must be in the rink during skating session.

Parents are responsible or getting children ready for the ice (skates tire, gloves, helmets, etc.)

The Union Arena Skating Club is not responsible for any child, of any age or level, left at the rink unattended. 

Parents and visitors may watch from the warming room, bleachers, or behind the class. Only skaters, coaches and board members are allowed in the boxes. 

Skaters are expected to respect other skaters, coaches, and parents showing good behavior and sportsmanship at all time both on and off the ice. Coaches monitor and enforce safety on all sessions, whether or not it is the skater’s own coach. 

  • Monday Session I Fall
  • Monday Session II Winter
  • Learn To Skate USA fee

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